About Animal Jam Fans

Games are not only entertaining, they can also make learning fun! With this principle in mind, Games Educate Kids compiles all the best educational games on the internet in one convenient spot. Enrich your child's education with the best free educational games!

Created in partnership with National Geographic, Animal Jam is a social virtual world game that is not only kid-friendly, but also educational in nature. Let your kids learn about various animal habitats, the many conservation efforts throughout the world, and about nature in general in a fun and secure virtual environment.

There are even mini-games and quizzes for your child to test their general knowledge and to unleash their creativity through the power of art.

Socialize and forge strong bonds of friendship with other Animal Jammers in various animal-themed parties or through the game's safe chat feature. Your child will have the freedom to decorate their very own virtual home too!

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